Praise Report!

Our God has been so good. He has been providing and taking good care of me and proving that he is able to supply my every need. I am so grateful to know that in a crisis He is still God and still Good. I have not gone hungry, i have not been without shelter, i have clean running water, i have clean clothes and access to a laundromat and resources. I just want to say that i was laid off during this pandemic, but i have not stopped giving to the church. The pastor told us to keep on giving and i stepped out on faith and have been giving from my savings account. My savings account has gotten low, but that’s ok because i am expecting the Lord, our God to fill it up again, so i can keep on giving in JESUS name. Praise the LORD!

Don’t ever be afraid to take a stand for God. It is far more rewarding to take a stand for Christ, then to deny him and his goodness in your life. It is worth the fight. Keep fighting and watch how God open up doors that no man can shut. Favor isn’t fair, but it is good, and it comes from God. I will boast about what he has done and what he continues to do for me and i will delight in the place that God has provided for my shelter for such a time as this. Praise the LORD!

Author: Lanisha.Johnson

Author, Blogger, Believer

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