America, The LORD is Uncovering Your Hidden Places

How long do we have to pretend that there are only good people in the world and that we only are good? We have unaddressed sin, unaddressed behaviors, and unaddressed demonically influenced mindsets that need to be recovered in Jesus name. We cannot carry on like this America and think or even believe for a second that we are a great country. Where, how, why would we be? We are facing a identity crisis not just individuals, but our country. God is calling us out on who we say we are and showing us just how divided we are as a country. We have yet to agree on reopenings, healthcare, parenthood, family morals and practices, and the spiritual direction we are going in. This is insane for people to want to reopen our economy as if it is the cure to the madness in our society today. There are lives that are in jeopardy. We are forced to see the evil that we have ignored for far too long. Today the world can see just how real evil really is. It is no longer hidden, and you can no longer deny the truth. We must do more than use are spare time to stand up. Let the world be interrupted until you hear my people’s cry. It’s not faint; it’s screaming justice. What other way can God have our attention on a matter and show us that there is a problem unless he slows us down. Our leadership is in a crisis. They are standing up to make decisions about things that need heavenly intervention. Seriously. Who can close a door God opens, and who can open a door God shuts? We need to stop kidding ourselves as if everything is going back to normal after this pandemic. Look, there is another pandemic rising up out of the first one. I find it so unrealistic, but very real that people are promoting evil and doing more evil than good at a time where we are shut in. I find it dangerous in this time to be without Christ. These days, the last days that we are living in; the world needs Jesus. I will say it again: the world needs Jesus. Look at the evil rising up from an already worldwide global attack. One we cannot see, but only hear of and know by its symptoms. It is time for us to wake up and face the truth about ourselves and each other. We have a problem in America that has gone unaddressed for far too long. America is not great. America is in a crisis. And we are asking that the doors be reopened to a society that is so far divided that whichever side you rule in there is repercussion. Some people do not want to face the truth, so they’re in a hurry to return to work where they can close their eyes to the problem that’s been ignored for too long. This thing did not just rise up from a pandemic, it’s been happening. And we, all of us: Whites, Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Pacific Islanders, every person should be disgusted, bothered, and moved to make a move in the direction of addressing the hidden evils of this world and its corrupt justice system. Enough is enough. People are being so blinded and shielded by evil that they don’t recognize it until it is out of control. Until it is happening to them. Well, here we are people. Does this thing need to go further before you realize change is required, evil is real, and there is a need for a savior- JESUS. We need more than prayer. Repentance is in order America. We have been blind for far too long. Stop sweeping our problems under the carpet and address them. Address them and correct them. We are not going back to what we are use to. This is a global shake down and shake up. Pay attention and do your part. STAND UP. Who has time to relax. THIS IS THE TIME TO STAND TOGETHER.

Author: Lanisha.Johnson

Author, Blogger, Believer

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